I love Knitting,reading,quilting and cooking. I have three children and a grandaughter. So I very rarely get to knit or quilt for myself. I'm not complaining.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


We have two new kittens. My daughter found them along side the road. I wish people would neuter they animals because not everyone is a sucker like me.

They have chewed thought all the cables on my needles and now I have to wait to buy more. But I love them just the same. I think I have talked my son into taking one. I think 2 dogs and 6 cats is a little to many.

kool-aid socks

I have always wanted to try dyeing yarn so these socks are done with http://kntpicks.com dk weight yarn. I used the toe up pattern in Interweave Magazine and each strip is a different flavor of Kool-aid. I had a lot of fun dyeing the yarn and with all the yarn shop over one hour away I think I will be doing this again.


Although these look like the last pair I made they are the leftovers and palette yarn from http://kntpicks.com/ . It's amazing how close the colors are.
Size 2 circular
60 stitches top down
Sorry about not blogging for a while but summer has happen and the days go by so fast. I have been busy knitting and reading everyone elses blogs. I haven't gotten back to quilting yet and I have to finish to duffle bags for my daughter for gifts.


Sorry about not blogging lately but I have been busy with summer and knitting. I have finished two more pairs of socks and I'm now trying to knit the Iris garden from http://six_sock_knitalong/. I haven't gotten back to my quilting yet but hope to start soon.