I love Knitting,reading,quilting and cooking. I have three children and a grandaughter. So I very rarely get to knit or quilt for myself. I'm not complaining.

Monday, November 19, 2007


These are Clogs for my daughter Jami. They are my first felted project. I used the Paton Classic wool and the pattern from Fiber Trends.They go up fast but I found the pattern was not confusing but printed so small with so many sizes I had to rewrite it for the size I needed.

Felted bag

Sorry about not blogging for so long, but Ravelry called. It is the best.
I can find out what a yarn looks like in a finished project before I even order it. We all write comments so you can alter a pattern before you even start it.
Well enough for now about Ravelry.
I have finished knitting my felted bag and just need to felt it. I loved working with the Paton Classic Wool. I have already felted a pair of knitted clogs and the Paton felts beautifully.
I also learned a Ravelry not to mix two different yarn together as they might felt at a different rate.